An Authentic Conversation

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authentic k

Lately, it’s so trendy to be authentic.  Everybody out there trying to “live authentically.”  Online.  In real life, both personally and professionally.  Authentic in relationships.  Authentic in content.

Anyone else feel like this is getting increasingly…inauthentic?

Look, I get it.  It’s easy to put on a face or fake it these days.  To make it seem like you’re more than you are.  Or know more than you do.  The blessing and curse of social media, right?

With everybody out there fighting to be everything to everyone, it’s tough for anything genuine to stand out if it’s not the “right” genuine.  And while I’m generally pretty much me all the time, I’ll admit to falling into this trap a time or two – trying to be someone else’s version of authentic.

After a weekend of full-on authenticity on every level, I’m ready to drop all my concern about it.  So I’ll make you a deal: all Kourtney, all the time.

My training style.
My knowledge.
My humor (even if it makes my husband cringe).
My (terrible) writing.
My opinions (Heaven forbid!).

In exchange for yours.  Let’s start a real conversation, cool?

  • Jill Firns

    Agreed. I have so many more things I could say about this, but that’s for private conversation some time. But yes, I agree with you.

    • Kourtney Thomas

      There is definitely more to say, I agree! Would love to have the conversation with you, Jill :)