New Year, New You?

New Year New You | Lagniappe Fitness

Every year. Every. Single. Year. We’re bombarded with “New Year, New You!” messages. It’s like media and periodicals can’t come up with a single other interesting tidbit this time of year. But hey, many people fall prey and buy the mags anyway. Give in to the messaging…again. Maybe this year will be different. This is […]

Look where you want to go.

look where you want to go

One of the very first things you learn in a motorcycle safety course is to look. Where you turn your head, your bike will go. The acronym for making a proper turn is SLPR: Slow, Look, Press, Roll. “Slipper” is still something I repeat to myself when I ride. Mostly for the look part. Honestly, […]

Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 10/25

Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Hi! Happy Sunday! Some rather random internet finds this week, so enjoy! This one isn’t random at all. Complaining Is the Worst Productivity System Ever, and Yet We Can’t Help Ourselves If you are constantly reminding yourself how hard it all is, and how bad you have it, don’t be surprised when it’s really hard […]

Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 10/18

Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Happy Sunday, folks. It’ll be light on the links this week, but still a few good internet finds for you. Quality/quantity, no? First, one of those “this applies to fitness and life” things. The Biggest Lesson the Gym Has Taught Me I freaking struuuuggle with focus these days, but man, it’s so important. Big thanks […]

10 Tips for Treadmill Domination

10 tips treadmill domination

I’m not a big treadmill girl. In fact, I refer to it as the dreadmill most of the time. I do recognize, however, that the treadmill can be a useful tool for training. And I also realize that not everyone hates it as much as I do, and some people even like it better than […]

Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 10/4

Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Alright, I’m back to the land of the living. Since everyone tuned out on the moto links (LAME. Go back and check them out!), we’re back to fitness and whatnot. So here we go, internet finds of the week. #1: Ladies, let’s chat about how we talk to ourselves. 4 steps to change the conversations […]