Focus: A Workout

focus workout | lagniappe fitness

I can take you through a crazy workout with all kinds of crazy moves and equipment. I can also take you through a basic workout with basic moves and equipment. The results for each might end up quite similar. When you complete the workout below, do it with laser focus.  Focus on the muscle that […]

Sweat Date: 2/12 + Winter Wonderful Workout

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Hey!  Happy Sweat Date Thursday!  Let’s hit the gym today, come on! How has your week been going?  Mine is flying by.  Lots going on, lots to take care of.  And lots of planning and prioritizing too.  Prioritizing…perhaps one of my weak points.  I can usually stick to one big task, but after that, all […]

Sweat Date: 1/22

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Hey there!  Happy almost-weekend, and happy Sweat Date!  I’m feeling really strong today, so let’s hit the gym for our workout. So how has your week been?  Mine has been busy, but also relatively productive.  Some days better than others, but overall, I’m getting things done and staying mostly on track.  How about you?  I […]

Sweat Date: Happy 2015 + A Printable Workout

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Well, hey there!  I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since we last worked out together.  The holidays sure can get crazy between taking time off, traveling, and just enjoying friends and family.  Anyway, all that is over for another year (as much as I hate to say that!), so let’s get right back into […]

Sweat Date: 11/20

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Join me each week (or so) for a new series on the blog called Sweat Date!  Check in on Thursdays to catch up on what’s going on in the world, in the gym, and on the road! Hi y’all!  How’s it going?  We’re catching up in the gym this week for Sweat Date, so grab […]

It’s Always Shorts Season

it's always shorts season

I know it’s the wrong time of year, but ladies, we have to talk.  We have got to talk about shorts. I love shorts.  I’m a fan.  Always have been.  So comfy, perfect with a tee shirt or fun with something dressier.  Fancy shorts or jean shorts, I love them all.  As a big shorts-lover, […]

What’s “better?”

Live by your standards | Lagniappe Fitness

I’ve been thinking and talking a lot lately about how my goals this year have changed.  My fitness lifestyle has shifted, and I have struggled a smidge to find my place and passion again.  Through all of it, the biggest thing I have come to realize is that I was getting caught up in being […]

Identity Crisis

Run vs. Lift

It’s fall and everyone is talking about pumpkin patches and wagon rides. And I’ve fallen off of mine. Let me explain. I’ve written a bit before about how I’ve been taking a little break from running since my last marathon.  I set some different goals and got into the gym more consistently.  And that was […]