She’s Got Legs

zz legs

So when I was little (and possibly littler than I should have been), I used to watch MTV at my grandma’s house. Back when MTV was actually music television and showed music videos. One of my absolute favorites was ZZ Top’s Legs. I loved that video! I would just sit and stare at those girls. […]

It’s Too Hot for a One Piece

bikinis all day | lagniappe fitness

I had an interaction with a client last week centering on swimwear. Bikinis, specifically. You know, the whole, “I’m not fit enough to wear a bikini right now!” Because it’s summer, and vacations and lakes and pools and body image issues. And my response was calm (as calm as tough-love-Kourtney can be), but something along […]

An Authentic Conversation

authentic k

Lately, it’s so trendy to be authentic.  Everybody out there trying to “live authentically.”  Online.  In real life, both personally and professionally.  Authentic in relationships.  Authentic in content. Anyone else feel like this is getting increasingly…inauthentic? Look, I get it.  It’s easy to put on a face or fake it these days.  To make it […]

Sweat Date: 4/30 + Vacation Recap

haiti 1

Well hi there!  I know I have been a bit absent from the blog lately, with the exception of Sunday links.  There’s a good reason why, I promise. I got to go on a vacation! So, if we were going to work out today, I would tell you all about it.  How about a run […]

Sweat Date: 3/26 + VIP Blogger Lounge

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Hi!  I’m happy that we’re nearing the end of another week, and it’s just about April.  Because April is clearly the best month of the year.  But anyway, even though we’re not quite there yet, we are here to catch up and have a Sweat Date, so let’s do this. If we were going to […]