Sweating for the Wedding

wedding day | lagniappe fitness

You’re out to dinner on a Friday night.  Just catching up with your significant other, relaxing and having a drink.  They’re acting a little bit funny, but you figure it’s just some stress from work on their mind.  You continue dinner.  Then, out of the blue, you notice them reaching into their pocket to pull […]

Oscar’s Best Accessory? Arms.


So, the talk of the Web yesterday was The Oscars.  Did you watch?  I made it to about 9:30 and decided sleep was more important.  Because it is.  (Although, I was really disappointed to wake up and see that I should have at least stayed awake to see Gaga.  Musical theatre kindred spirits, rejoice!)  The […]

Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 2/1

Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Hey, friends!  Welcome to this week’s round-up of internet finds.  Let’s kick things off with an exciting announcement! I am a crazed Shalane Flanagan fangirl.  I’ll admit it.  Seeing her run in person at the USA Cross Country Championships a few years ago was basically one of the highlights of my life.  Needless to say, […]

Sweat Date: 1/22

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Hey there!  Happy almost-weekend, and happy Sweat Date!  I’m feeling really strong today, so let’s hit the gym for our workout. So how has your week been?  Mine has been busy, but also relatively productive.  Some days better than others, but overall, I’m getting things done and staying mostly on track.  How about you?  I […]

Just a Reminder: This Girl Can

Kourtney Sweats

So this “This Girl Can” video has been going around the Web for the last week.  You may have seen it… I love the message that the video and the organization are getting out there. Fear of judgment is stopping many of us from taking part in exercise.  But as thousands of women up and […]

Why Wait?

green light | lagniappe fitness

It was a rainy day here in St. Louis yesterday.  I can’t stand the rain.  (Missy Elliot, anyone?)  But I have made an agreement with myself to get out and take at least one ten minute walk per day in 2015, so I got my walk in. But wait, it’s still 2014. Oh yeah, I […]

The Book of 2014

2014 one month

Here we are getting close to the end of 2014.  Another year gone, and it just seems crazy.  As the end of the year fast approaches and the new one comes into our sights, I keep seeing this stuff: Nice. All this implies to me is that we are all being told that we wasted […]