Top Tips for Race Week

tips for race week

It’s race week. You’re questioning everything. You’re a little tired. Hungry. Nervous. Kind of excited. But most of all, just want Sunday to get here as soon as possible. I’ve been there. And I’ve come out the other side just fine many times, and so will you. In the past five years, I’ve run countless […]

10 Tips for Treadmill Domination

10 tips treadmill domination

I’m not a big treadmill girl. In fact, I refer to it as the dreadmill most of the time. I do recognize, however, that the treadmill can be a useful tool for training. And I also realize that not everyone hates it as much as I do, and some people even like it better than […]

Happy’s Running Club STL: EPIC Cache-Teton Relay

hrcstl epic finish 2

About a year and a half ago, me and five friends from Happy’s Running Club decided to run a local relay race, the Katy 80. 80 miles on the Katy Trail, split between a team of six over three legs each. We had a fun time over the course of the day, you know, driving […]

I Hired a Coach. It Changed Everything.

i hired a coach

I am a coach. It’s my job daily to write programs for clients, facilitate those programs, teach my clients good strength training and running technique and strategies, support them in their fitness endeavors, and listen to many stories about their children. (It’s true, and it’s okay, I promise.) And I love every second. I spend […]

An Open Relationship: Strength & Endurance

under the bar | lagniappe fitness

I’m coming up on about a year of lifting heavy, and it has been quite the year. I have accomplished things I never thought I would, my body has changed quite a bit, and so has my mind. There is no doubt that lifting anything from the ground, on your back, above your head, whatever, […]

Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 6/7

Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Happy Sunday! Time for some internet finds. First up, this gem from Girls Gone Strong. Does Lifting Weights Make You Bulky? Boom. (Shakalaka.) It’s all in your perception, but I think this post does a great job of laying it all out there. Maybe it’s time to lift a little heavier, my female friends. Speaking […]

Running Efficiency: Stride Frequency

running efficiency stride frequency | lagniappe fitness

I often talk about running efficiency. I nearly always mention it in my Shred415 classes. It’s something I mention whenever a client asks me how they can run faster. Get more efficient, is typically part of the answer. There are several ways to do this, but they generally don’t work overnight. Certain cues might work […]

Learn to Love Running Hills

learntoloverunninghills | lagniappe fitness

I freaking love running hills.  Love them.  When I was in Louisiana, I used to drive to the only part of town that had them and run loops, on purpose.  Same here in St. Louis – I incorporate hills into every run, and the only flat runs I seek out are on the track. I’m […]

Sometimes You Just Need to Run Out the Door

run out the door | lagniappe fitness

The other day I went for a run.  And that’s it. Just shorts, shirt, shoes, sidewalk. I didn’t warm up.  I didn’t do any dynamic movement.  I didn’t perform any mobility exercises before I got going.  I didn’t even walk for a few minutes.  I literally ran straight out the door. Blasphemy!, you say.  Yes, […]