Top Tips for Race Week

tips for race week

It’s race week. You’re questioning everything. You’re a little tired. Hungry. Nervous. Kind of excited. But most of all, just want Sunday to get here as soon as possible. I’ve been there. And I’ve come out the other side just fine many times, and so will you. In the past five years, I’ve run countless […]

10 Tips for Treadmill Domination

10 tips treadmill domination

I’m not a big treadmill girl. In fact, I refer to it as the dreadmill most of the time. I do recognize, however, that the treadmill can be a useful tool for training. And I also realize that not everyone hates it as much as I do, and some people even like it better than […]

Running Efficiency: Stride Frequency

running efficiency stride frequency | lagniappe fitness

I often talk about running efficiency. I nearly always mention it in my Shred415 classes. It’s something I mention whenever a client asks me how they can run faster. Get more efficient, is typically part of the answer. There are several ways to do this, but they generally don’t work overnight. Certain cues might work […]

Learn to Love Running Hills

learntoloverunninghills | lagniappe fitness

I freaking love running hills.  Love them.  When I was in Louisiana, I used to drive to the only part of town that had them and run loops, on purpose.  Same here in St. Louis – I incorporate hills into every run, and the only flat runs I seek out are on the track. I’m […]

3 Tips to Ditch the Side Stitch

ditch side stitch | lagniappe fitness featured

Common Runner Problem #1: Side stitch. Running along all easy peasy and five minutes in, BOOM!  CRAMP!  That side just seizes up and the sharp pain makes it almost impossible to keep going. How many of y’all have had this one happen at one time or another?  I bet nearly everyone can say yes.  Such […]

Vacation Running Made Easy in 5 Simple Steps

vacation running lagniappe fitness

Sometimes I feel like it’s really difficult to maintain the everyday habits that come so easily at home when you’re not at home.  I especially used to feel that way about my running.  I would get so worked up about missing runs or making sure I had all my “stuff” when we were planning a […]

3 Tips to Stay Fit on Spring Break

stay fit on spring break | lagniappe fitness

Spring has finally sprung (for the most part), and better weather and spring break vacations are definitely on the brain.  (Side note: remember MTV Spring Break and how big of a deal it was in middle and high school?  Do they even do that stuff anymore?  Where is Pauly Shore these days?  And what about […]

Why Wait?

green light | lagniappe fitness

It was a rainy day here in St. Louis yesterday.  I can’t stand the rain.  (Missy Elliot, anyone?)  But I have made an agreement with myself to get out and take at least one ten minute walk per day in 2015, so I got my walk in. But wait, it’s still 2014. Oh yeah, I […]

3 Tips to Dazzle December

Dazzle December | Lagniappe Fitness

Ah, the beginning of a new month, the last month of the year.  I rather like December because despite the weather being cold and dreary, the attitude is happy and cheery.  Christmas is coming and the world lights up with joy just a little more than usual.  Well, I do anyway, so maybe it’s just […]