Slow & Go Workout (Video)

lagniappe lunge

Just a few minutes before the baby wakes up. A one-hour lunch break. Or when you’re just having a day and can’t seem to get it together for a long run or a trip to the gym or a full-hour spin class, a workout done in less than 20 minutes can really make a difference.  Behold, […]

Sweat Date: 4/16 + an Upper Body Warm-Up

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Hey there!  Well, I am so glad we’re closing in on the end of this week.  It has been absolutely crazy, and I am in dire need of a workout.  Let’s get to it.  I think we’re in for a quickie metabolic workout today (I don’t have a ton of time, but always enough to […]

Sweat Date: 4/2 + Dynamic Warm-Up

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Well, hi!  How’s your week going?  I hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy some lovely Spring weather.  It has been just awesome!  So ready for Summer already.  And I’m also ready for a workout.  So if we were meeting up, I’d suggest we hit the gym today for our Sweat Date.  Let’s […]

Sweat Date: 2/19 + A TRX Exercise Video

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Well, hey!  Happy Thursday!  Time for our Sweat Date, so let’s get to a little bit of gym therapy. How is your week going?  It’s freezing here, so I have just been trying to stay warm.  Yes, I am from Wisconsin, but no, I do not like the cold and snow.  (You know that whole […]

Sweat Date: 1/29

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Well, hey!  Always good to see you here.  Our Thursday Sweat Date is pretty much my favorite day of the week!  So let’s hit the gym and get to it. How is your week going so far?  I personally can’t believe it’s already Thursday, and I definitely can’t believe January is almost over.  It has […]

Sweat Date: 1/22

Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Hey there!  Happy almost-weekend, and happy Sweat Date!  I’m feeling really strong today, so let’s hit the gym for our workout. So how has your week been?  Mine has been busy, but also relatively productive.  Some days better than others, but overall, I’m getting things done and staying mostly on track.  How about you?  I […]

A Little Extra Action: Walkout Pushup


Folks, get excited, because the next A Little Extra Action video is ready to go!  This one has me pumped up because I’ve added it to my own workouts the last few weeks and have just been loving it.  I couldn’t wait to share it with y’all! I’m lucky in that I have a pretty […]