Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 1/25

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Welcome to the first installment of my weekly link round-up!  Tons of blogs and websites do this each week, and I actually believe doing so can provide some value.  I often find really great stuff on link-ups, and hope to share the same with you.

Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

So, let’s kick off the internet finds with something for the dudes.  Well, and something that their lady-friends should definitely take a look at.

The Rise of the Spornosexual

This is kind of a long one, but wow, it was worth the read.  As the article addresses, women have traditionally been the ones held to certain standards, but it’s becoming surprisingly more commonplace among men as well.

It’s about men becoming everything. To themselves. Just as women have been encouraged to do for some time.

Very interesting and eye opening to boot.

Next up, a beautiful post from one of my favorite, fearless trainers, Jessi Kneeland of Remodel Fitness.

My Deep, Dark Self-Love Secret

She shares her secret for total confidence and self-love in life that is just so simple, but also profound.  I loved the post because I have been doing this for years, and I can attest to the fact that it works.  And I recommend that anyone and everyone follow her advice.

Sticking with Jessi (who is blowing up the internet these days), a post that combines her expertise with that of two other fantastic women –  Jen Sinkler (who I follow religiously), and Staci Ardison of Nerd Fitness.

Real Life Advice from Women Who Lift

I mean, I can tell you all day long that you should be lifting weights.  You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it.  This article just shares a few more insights.  Quote from Jen I love:

I often say this to new lifters and clients: ‘Strength is contagious.’ It has a habit of bleeding into every other aspect of your life, and the empowerment you feel after completing a big feat in the gym is easily carried out beyond the gym doors.

Yep.  I can 100% agree with that.  I feel like a freaking badass these days.

One of my resolutions for 2015 was to read more books.  Period.  Certainly more professional development books, but also just books of any kind.  I have yet to make this happen three weeks into the year, but I have faith I’ll get the ball rolling…soon.  Meanwhile, my list of books to read is really piling up.  I jot down authors and titles almost daily, and have now added 17 new books to the list.  Crap.

8 Non-Fitness Books Every Fitness Professional Should Read

Tony Gentilcore is another person I follow religiously, as he consistently puts out only the best information.  This reading list is no different.  Plus, it led straight to Dean Somerset’s (also phenomenal) list of 9 Non-Fitness Books Every Fitness Professional Should Read.  Frankly, all of these books should go on anyone’s list, not just Fitness Professionals.  Business owners, corporate types, and creatives can all benefit from these titles.  *Plugs in Kindle*

And to sum it up for the week, the 2015 NFL Bad Lip Reading video is out!  I’m a huge football fan, and going into the Super Bowl next week (Go Seahawks!), this is just perfect to make football lovers and haters alike laugh out loud.

Ya gotta eat the BREAK-FUST!

Have a great week!