Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 10/25

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Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Hi! Happy Sunday! Some rather random internet finds this week, so enjoy!

This one isn’t random at all.

Complaining Is the Worst Productivity System Ever, and Yet We Can’t Help Ourselves

If you are constantly reminding yourself how hard it all is, and how bad you have it, don’t be surprised when it’s really hard and you have a bad time.

The alternative is assuming radical responsibility — owning your choices, and more importantly, owning the consequences of those choices.

Oh my goodness, so many good quotes to pull out, but I narrowed it down to that one. Own your choices, man. Put yourself back in power. Even if it’s “not your fault.”

Next up, a little about the Iron Cowboy.

The Real-Life Diet of the Dad Who Finished 50 Ironmans in 50 Days (and Eats Like a Normal Person)

You guys, B+ average. You will survive and be better for it.

Now come the randoms.

The Horrible Anger You Feel at Hearing Someone Chewing Is Called Misophonia

Blech. This is serious stuff. I can’t stand gulping. Or chewing with the mouth open. Teeth biting or grinding. Gum chewing. Oh, the list goes on. Apparently that means I “have a bit of a rigid and compulsive personality.” Ha :)

Say hello to your new obsession.

The Rainbow Bagel

I must eat this. Actually, buy the store out of them, bring them home, put them in the freezer, and hoard them for a year.

And finally, this made me cry. Yes, actual tears.

Grandmother’s Goal: A Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip at 100

Gloria is the bomb. I’ve read a lot about her, and her life, and her life in motorcycling, has been pretty inspiring. She’s an icon among female riders, that’s for sure. I definitely plan on staying on my two wheels well into my 90s too!

Things I shared on social this week:

I’m calling for a revolution.

Why Strength Training is Crucial for Me

Lifting Weights, Twice a Week, May Aid the Brain

Places I was featured this week:

The Workouts 6 Trainers Do When They Only Have 15 Minutes

This week’s blog:

Hybrid Training: What is it? Who is it for?

Hope you have a kick-ass week!