Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 11/8

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Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Hi there! Time for internet finds. I’ve got no clever banter this week, so let’s just get to it.

Only one serious link this week, so we’re prioritizing that. Read this before you skip down, please.

Raising a Conscientious Boy

Important, no? We tend to place a lot of emphasis on what we do to raise girls, but the boys often get overlooked. And hello, they are part of the equation here. This is a fantastic article for parents of boys.

And one really useful one.

The Cheapest Time to Buy Airfare

Hey, it may not be that much, but money is money. That’s a few more dollars to spend on the actual vacation!

OK,  next, the raddest video you’ll watch all week.

Story of the Hail Bombs

I followed this whole journey because 1 – I considered going on it. And 2 – When I decided not to, I still wanted to live vicariously through my STL Litas. I am not nearly as cool as these chicks, but I’m pretty pumped to know them and be able to ride with them. Goals for next year…maybe minus the hail :)

And now the funniest video you’ll watch all week. If you’re from Wisconsin, that is.

This Hilarious Video Completely Summarizes What It’s Like to Live In Wisconsin

No, but really. Some of them, not so much for me because I left over 10 years ago. Like Aaron Rodgers? Sorry, WI, but I don’t really care. However, soda vs. pop, cream puffs, Bud=water, and bubblers? Right on. Also, FIBs. That one I particularly love because I still live in a state bordering Illinois and use this one nearly every day :)

Finally, this gem.

Someone Has Photoshopped Man Buns Onto These World Leaders, And It’s Everything

I hate man buns. Hate them. Can’t wait for the trend to be over. But yes, this is pretty great. Enjoy.

Things I shared on social:

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5 Causes of Failure

Today is not over yet.

The Best Groupon Ever

Have a great week!