Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 3/1

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Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Welcome to lazy Sunday in the Thomas Household.  Where we watch golf/football/The Walking Dead, and don’t get up off the couch till dinnertime.  And where we like to surf the WWW to peep all kinds of awesome internet finds.  Join us!

Starting with a little Yoda.

There’s No Question that Nothing Will Change if you Change Nothing

Short and sweet, and most definitely the honest truth.

Next up, just a little reminder of some suggestions for your time in various fitness outlets, whether it’s the gym, a private studio, or the locker room of either.  They’re pretty basic, but pretty much right on.

The Ultimate Guide to Gym Etiquette

My personal fav?  “Don’t let it all hang out.”  HA!

Moving on, one more time with poo.  Maybe you’re starting to think I’m a little off here, but whatever, everybody poops.  Especially runners.

How to Make Yourself Poop

That morning constitutional (as my pops used to call it) is oh-so-essential for a stress-free run.  Always nice to have some tips to keep you running smoothly.

Switching gears to work life, a column from one of my favorite business writers, Harvey Mackay.  I read his columns in the St. Louis Business Journal every week, and always get some nugget of knowledge from them.  Here’s a good reminder from a few weeks back.

Keep your funny side up for life

What a great reminder, right?  Sometimes you just have to laugh, even when times are tough or stress is high.

And finally, a little shopping action.  I got the cutest top from lululemon this week, but I don’t always go that fancy.  Sometimes, I like to treat myself to a deal, and The Clymb is one of my favorite places for active gear.

The Clymb

I mean really, you can get everything from ski to swim and anything in between!  And no, I’m not an affiliate or anything like that, I just like the site and want to share it with my fitness friends :)

Have a great week!

  • Erika

    That guide to gym etiquette is so well-written. I’ve seen so many articles like that that come across as kind of mean lol that one is so friendly!

    • Kourtney Thomas

      I thought so too. Glad you liked it :)