Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 5/17

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Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Ahoy!  Nice to see you here checking into the link list.  Let’s get started with the week’s internet finds.

First up, let’s talk “dad bod.”  In case you missed it, this went viral a couple of weeks ago.

Why Girls Love The Dad Bod

(Side note: Ladies, really?  Love the “dad bod”?  Whole other can of worms there with this girl’s points…)

And this is a great response from a great dude who makes some great points.

How to Help a Dad Bod

I have an opinion on this topic, and yes, it does sway toward the “dad bod” being an excuse.  But I also agree with Bryan – I’m not here to judge as long as you’re happy with what you’ve got going on.  If not, his tips are basic and useful and you should use them.

Next up, basically the best story ever.

Strength Training at Age 92 With Mark Rippetoe

Mark Rippetoe is basically a complete badass.  His message is essentially that strength is the most important and influential factor on how you interact with your environment.  I’d say this story about one of his clients proves that to be true.

Next, in keeping with athletes, a poignant story.  Long, but engaging, so read it.

Split Image

Psychological troubles are very common among athletes, and depression affects an estimated 19 million Americans.  The chances are you know someone in this situation.  Social media is terrifying in this regard – be aware of your own behavior and that of your loved ones.  Never be scared to reach out.

Switching gears, a subtle reminder.

Don’t Be a Dick

Print this list and look at it every day.  Don’t be a dick.  Kindness.

And finally, a really nice, quick primer on group fitness from the folks over at Cressey Sports Performance.

How to Choose a Good Group Class

It’s not a great idea just to jump into something because everyone is doing it or whatever.  Do some research, ask some questions, choose the right class for you.  (And if you’re in St. Louis, check out my class Monday nights, starting tomorrow.  Ask me questions here.)

That sums it up!  Hope you enjoyed the links, and have a great week!

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