Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 5/24

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Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Happy Holiday Weekend, folks! And by holiday, I mean Memorial Day. You know, the one where we take just a moment to remember all those who have fallen in service of the United States of America. That number is in the millions since The Civil War.


There was a ton of fantastic content out this week, so I’ll trickle out a few great internet finds over the next couple of weeks.

Let’s start with this one, from the land of glitter and unicorns, Mark Fisher Fitness. (Guys, follow them. And Harold Gibbons too. Nicest humans out there, and smart smart smart.)

You Need Carbs!

Bottom line: you do. The amount, however, changes based on your performance goals. So figure out what those goals are, and then fuel for them. Adjust accordingly based on preference and results. Just stop fearing the carb!

Next, a ridiculously comprehensive primer on muscle growth and fat loss.

Eat, Lift, and Condition to Lose Fat and Maintain Muscle

Trust me, start there and you’ll already be on your way. Get the basics down, stick with it, see results.

And speaking of lifting, let’s try to stay healthy enough to keep doing it without pain, yes? Here’s a great place to start.

Gym Injuries: The Ultimate AskMen Guide to Injury-Proofing Your Workouts

You’ll notice that pretty much all the tips say the same thing, which is basically check that ego and do it right. Train smart, train forever.

Now something the ladies can relate to when it comes to injury-proofing your workouts…

How to Tame Big Tatas: Part 2

It is absolutely the pits to run or do something high intensity without the right support for the girls. Trust, it’s worth the investment to get them saddled up right. Plus, exploding cats!

And finally, talking about kitties, THIS.

The Mewgaroo Sweatshirt

I can’t. I need.

In case you missed these ones:

5 Super-Effective Biceps Exercises That Aren’t Curls (Full disclosure: I do zero curls. These work.)
Funny Story: “The Vomit Workout”
Let’s Chat About Food
Learn to Love Running Hills

Have a great week!