Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 6/21

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Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Hope it’s a good weekend, guys. Sure hope it’s not raining on you, wherever you are. But if it is, here are some internet finds to cuddle up with.

#1 is something we need to be reminded of, as fitness professionals, and as athletes.

Degeneration? More Like Normal Aging.

Everyone has something going on. Everyone has something with a knee, or lower back, or disk, shoulder, whatever. Normal. All normal. And not an excuse to become sedentary or avoid working out or movement. Find a trainer or coach who can appropriately work with your degeneration and keep moving.

#2 is a no-brainer in my world, but a message that we struggle to get across.

4 Strength Goals For A Beautiful Body

A lot of women list looks/physique/becoming dead sexy at the top of their priority list for workout goals. I have always said there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Never feel ashamed of your aesthetic goals being important to you. I’m certainly not. But the thing to note here is that a huge part of the sexy factor will come from the strength and performance factor. So again, hire the right coach to help you get there, and place some emphasis on big lifts. Don’t discount them in favor of pink weights or leg raises. As Tony so correctly points out:

Strength is honest. It’s hard to earn and takes time, but when you give it your full attention, it’ll reward you with the type of results that last a long time.

#3 is so valuable! There is something for everyone to add to their routine here.

The 10 Most Underrated Exercises from 10 Different Coaches

#4 to close it out is equally as valuable, in the general life department.

When you die you won’t care about emails.

And this is why there are currently over 5000 emails in my inbox (not unread, I’m not that popular) and another 5000 in my Promotions folder. Who gives a crap about “inbox zero?” Go live some life.

Or watch some cat videos.

Have a great week!