Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 7/26

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Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

Hi there! This week’s internet finds have a theme: Entrepreneurship. Before you check out because you’re not an entrepreneur, realize that skills and knowledge that benefit entrepreneurs benefit anyone, in any type of position. So even if you’re rocking it out in Corporate America, take a little read below. I’m sure you’ll find some takeaways.

First, a podcast. I don’t even like podcasts. I can’t multitask while trying to listen and actually comprehend audio, and I hate sitting down and just listening to something for 30 minutes. But I did it for this one, because I’ll basically listen to anything Sol Orwell has to say. Especially about entrepreneurship.

Hack the Entrepreneur with Sol Orwell

I mean, the guy is a success, and he never quits. He calls himself retired, but he’s not, that’s just a rouse. Relentless. Who wouldn’t want to be that successful early to just continue to get more successful again and again? Come on people, pick up on these hacks. My favorite? Do it because you want something for yourself, not necessarily because it’s a service for others. (That’s honestly why I got into fitness. I liked it. That’s pretty much it.) And the mindset is so golden: quit worrying about status and stuff, enjoy experiences in life, and strive to build some more. Worth the listen.

Next, basically a follow-up. There is no end point to your success.

Too successful, so they kicked her out

Really? No. Just no. In fitness, life, business, whatever. Choose growth. It doesn’t have to mean money, either. (P.S. Ramit is doing a badass giveaway right now. If I were you, I would enter.)

And for when you hit the inevitable wall and business burnout strikes…

13 Lesser-Known Techniques for Battling Burnout

This is a super interesting story. It made me laugh and it made me think.

How the Other Half Lifts: What Your Workout Says About Your Social Class

Doesn’t this ring true a little bit? Big, beefy dudes aren’t exactly embraced in the corporate scene; they’re definitely outliers. But triathletes sure are. Weird, right? I can’t figure out what this means for me because I love both, and I grew up squarely in the middle and with no athletic influence whatsoever. My take now? Do whatever the hell you love and screw the classist opinions. I’m pretty sure your choice of exercise doesn’t define you.

OK, now probably my favorite, talking about business, entrepreneurship, and classes.

The CEO Ride

This is a kickass idea. Except one glaring thing here: umm, it’s completely obnoxious that it is basically only open to middle-aged, upper-class, white males only, ie: “10 like-minded leaders.” So talking about entrepreneurship, my next business? You guessed it :) 10 possibly like-minded, possibly completely different-minded successful and aspiring leaders in a wide range of industries, male, female, old, young, and everywhere in between. I’m thinking Montana for the first ride. Stay tuned.

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Have a great week!