Internet Finds from Far and Wide: 8/2

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Internet Finds | Lagniappe Fitness

I just typed 8/2. Holy crap, it’s August. The exact month in which the above photograph was taken two years ago in Glacier National Park. Ahhhh, Glacier. But that’s beside the point, let’s dive into the internet finds.

Let’s kick it off with my new favorite bad bitch, Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey Finds It Hilarious When Her Body Is Called ‘Masculine’

I find it hilarious too.

Let’s continue on the theme of bad bitches.


I don’t know Tony’s wife, but I think it’s safe to say she’s probably a really cool chick. I think I want to be friends with her. I love that she went off about this stupid article, and I love that Tony picked it apart on his blog. Big takeaway: about 80% of what you read in any magazine, especially about fitness, is bullshit. So read it with a critical eye, and maybe do some further research before you jump on, or off, board. And especially before you pay someone $500 an hour for anything.

Continuing with the bullshit theme.

I used to be obsessed with SoulCycle — until I realized how much is wrong with the class

I’ve never been to SoulCycle. I don’t live close and haven’t traveled to one. I had only heard about it, and everything I had heard made me skeptical. This article pretty much backed all that up. I always say that you have to do what you like and what makes you move…but maybe, within reason? I don’t think fitness should ever be exclusive, and it certainly shouldn’t be unsafe.

And a totally different note to end on.

How I Made $102k in Real Estate and Am Poorer For It

My husband and I have always rented. For the last 6 years, every house we have lived in has been rented. My parents, friends, everyone we tell are completely flabbergasted at this. But, why?! Why wouldn’t you want to buy a house?! Uh, here’s why. I know this isn’t everyone’e experience, but it has certainly been ours that renting is the way to go.

Things I shared on social this week:

How to Avoid Overdrinking

Have a great week!