Look where you want to go.

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look where you want to go. | KT Fitness

One of the very first things you learn in a motorcycle safety course is to look. Where you turn your head, your bike will go. The acronym for making a proper turn is SLPR: Slow, Look, Press, Roll. “Slipper” is still something I repeat to myself when I ride. Mostly for the look part.

Honestly, turning your damn head is way more difficult than it seems like it should be. And that sure makes turns more difficult than they should be. Like, why can’t I make this nice and tight? Oh, because I didn’t look where I wanted to go. I stayed too tightly focused on what my hands were doing, or the traffic around me, or how tense I was about the turn itself.

Just look where you want to go. That changes everything.

When I do practice SLPR through my turns, everything flows a hell of a lot easier. I don’t get tense. My turns are smooth and not wide. I get the bike exactly where I want it to go. And I can relax and enjoy.

Because I know you’re not reading this for a lesson in motorcycle riding skills, what’s the point here? Well, don’t you think that looking exactly where you want to go will help you get there…in anything in life?

Just look where you want to go. That changes everything.

For example, how about a dream board? They’re very useful for a lot of people. Snippets of things that pertain to your goals that you can focus on to help you achieve them. A sort of collage of your future. That you take the time and effort to mold to yourself, of course. But having a target, much like the end of that turn, sure does help.

Even simpler, a journal. Writing it down. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? Write it down. This is exactly the same thing as turning your head. I’m a huge believer in how these things manifest themselves over time. Write down the things you want, and even if you tuck it away somewhere, I bet when you find it again one day, you’ve got everything on your list.

Now, this works in the opposite direction as well. If you never turn your head? You can’t expect to change direction.

For instance, if you’ve been doing the same thing in the gym or in your training for years and haven’t been seeing results, it’s a bit like riding down the straight-shot interstate and never taking the scenic route. Boring and a little bit pointless. But if you turn your head in a new direction, you might just enhance your ride, and find the results you’ve been looking for.

Or maybe you are in a rut in your job. You’re not happy, but you just keep riding the same route, every day. Maybe it’s time to look left instead of right on the way to work. Take a different road. Discover a whole new place that you’ve never ridden through before, but you learn makes you happier than you’ve ever been.

An important point to note: you might expect a crash if you don’t fully commit to the head turn. You’ve got to be intentional about making these moves.

So you decide to start a new training plan. Head turn! But when you get halfway through your turn, you get distracted and veer off. You don’t finish the plan, and then you get pissed that it didn’t work, you didn’t lose any weight or gain any muscle or get any faster. Crash!

Or you determine you’re finally ready to make the jump and start your own business. Head turn! But when you get to that scary part of the turn where your footboard drags on the ground, you pull up. It got hard on your own, and you didn’t want to push through, so you quit and went back to your old job that made you miserable. Crash!

Learning the head turn and to always commit to looking exactly where you want to go is hard. You’ll mess up more times than not, especially when you first start out. But eventually? It’ll become second nature. Your turns will be smooth as butter, even on the tightest hairpins with the worst traffic, and you’ll be able to ride any road to your destination.

Just look where you want to go. That changes everything.