New Year, New You?

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NewYearNewYou | Lagniappe Fitness

Every year. Every. Single. Year. We’re bombarded with “New Year, New You!” messages. It’s like media and periodicals can’t come up with a single other interesting tidbit this time of year. But hey, many people fall prey and buy the mags anyway. Give in to the messaging…again.

Maybe this year will be different. This is my year.

Guys, I’m not saying this in a negative way to burst your bubble, but this year is no different than last year. You’re the same you today as you were December 31, 2014. And you’ll be the same you tomorrow.

I get that it’s a fresh start. The end of the year is a time to reflect on what has happened, and a time to ponder what’s to come. But how does it really work for you? Has it even worked for you? Ever?

And do you really want to become a new you?

I don’t. I like me. I want to continue to be the same me, with a few adjustments or thoughtful changes and improvements.

I want to be me, but not late everywhere. I want to be me, but stronger. I want to be me, but busier. I want to be me, with a larger sense of community and collaboration.

It’s not about becoming a new you. Or a better you. Or a different you. It’s about embracing who you are, and then being mindful about what intentions you want to set and the life you want to create for yourself over the next year. Well, really, over the next forever.

It’s really all in how you think about it. Why not do it all a little differently this year?

Do you want to commit to fitness again? Instead of forcing yourself to go to the gym and do stuff you hate, how about you just take a few more walks with the dog and see what happens?

Do you want to improve your diet? Instead of jumping into the latest fad diet or cutting calories so low you want to jump off a bridge, how about you just add a vegetable to every meal and eat out one less time per week?

Do you want to build better relationships? How about scheduling in one hour each week to call (not text) an old friend?

Do you want to enjoy work more or maybe make a job change? How about scheduling an informational interview with someone in your field or your desired field?

If it hasn’t worked in the past, it’s likely not going to work for you in the future. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Be intentional about realistic ideas to improve your life and your joy, and those will be the things that rock your world in all the years to come. Not some “New Year, New You” magazine program.

So, maybe this year will be different. Make this your year.