Lagniappe Fitness Services

services-pageHiring a coach or personal trainer is a big decision – believe me, I know – so I’ve made working with me simple, easy to commit to and affordable. I offer in-home personal training, one-on-one running coaching and “traditional” personal training with several options to choose from.

Ways to Work With Me:

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A Few Things To Keep In Mind

As is always true, please know that I am not a medical doctor and all should be advised that consulting a physician prior to beginning any sort of exercise program is highly recommended. Ensuring that you are physically able to work out is critical to the success of any fitness program. Also, keep in mind that the content of this website is no substitute for professional medical care or diagnosis. As with any exercise regimen, there are are risks to engaging in a personal training or running coaching program and you will be made aware of specific risks prior to beginning your training. The full terms of use are available here.

Investing In My Services (aka PRICING)

Pricing for each of the services above varies slightly, so the best way to get my exact rates is to contact me with what you’re looking for. Because I am an independent personal trainer and running coach, I’m able to be more flexible with scheduling, pricing and locations for training.  Get in touch and we’ll find the perfect level of investment just for you.

Training for Groups

Have a few friends that want to get fit together? I’m your girl. I can put together custom classes and training for groups and have done so many times in the past. Typically, group engagements run for a pre-specified period of time (for example, 6 weeks). To discuss pricing and availability, shoot me an email.

Further Questions?

I’m pretty friendly and more than willing to answer your questions. Send me an email and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.