The Confidence Plan


You’re just in need of a little something extra to get you ready for that wedding. Or that class reunion. Or that job hunt. A small boost. A structured plan. A workout that’s guaranteed to help you stride confidently into the room and signal to everyone there that you have arrived. And that you’re feeling better than ever.

Whether you’ll be the star of the show or a doting onlooker, one thing’s for sure:

You’ll feel like a million bucks. (And you’ll totally rock that new dress hanging in your closet.)

Glowing skin, toned arms and sleek shoulders will carry your confident smile, unapologetic strut and overflowing enthusiasm for the event. But the real benefit is that which is unseen.

Health. Vigor. Strength. Stability.

The Confidence Plan is an 3, 6, or 8-week personalized fitness regimen specifically designed to get you ready for your next big event. Through a combination of in-person and on-your-own training, you’ll transform your body and ready your mind leading up to the moment of truth: when you glide through the doors at that special event & smash every insecurity because you know you look great.

When you sign up for the Confidence Plan, you can expect:

  • A 30-minute no obligation one-on-one consultation to make sure that I’m the trainer for you and your goals are attainable.
  • Twice weekly in-person training sessions to help you learn the techniques and make staying committed a breeze.
  • Two additional guided workouts to take with you, bringing your total up to four days of structured plans and 1-2 days of cross-training and rest, so that you’ll get the burn you need and avoid injury.
  • Personal check-ins with me and easy access by email, text or phone call – for those days when you need a quick pep talk or have a question about your training.
  • Tips & tricks to help you with recovery, hydration and motivation – so that our 8-weeks together turns into a fitness-focused life.

Getting started is simple. Contact me with your questions and to sign up, and you’ll be on your way to a more confident you.