Direction: Group Fitness


For years, I’ve been hearing the same excuses: working out is monotonous and hard. Both physically and mentally. I’ve seen women struggle to prioritize exercise because it simply isn’t something they look forward to as a part of their day.


I want every woman to have a healthy, happy relationship with exercise… and to actually look forward to the part of their day that they spend sweating, stretching, building and enhancing their overall health. It’s the main reason I got into personal training and fitness!

Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. I’ve seen countless women move exercise from an item on their to-do list to a fulfilling priority in their lives.

I know one-on-one personal training isn’t for everyone, whether you’re not sure where to start or can’t work it into your budget.

So I’ve created an alternative  that makes getting your workout in easy and FUN:

A Little Extra Direction Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness that’s so fun you might just find yourself changing the definition of the term “happy hour.”

A Little Extra Direction Group Fitness takes place once a week at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, MO.  The group class is led by me (you can see my fitness credentials, over here) and limited to a small group so everyone gets proper attention.

It’s all about working your muscles in a way that’s fun, intense and tailored to your fitness level. Because the class size is restricted, it’s easy for me to help modify the workout for all fitness levels… making sure everyone in the class gets in a great workout… while having a whole lot of FUN in the process.

Interested? Ask your questions over here, give me a shout on Twitter, and meet us at the park… ready to sweat! Sign up here!

2015 Classes start Monday, May 18 at 6pm! Cost is $10 per class or 6 classes for $50. All you need is a mat and water!