Start from Scratch Running Plan

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I often get asked when I started running.  It might seem to the new person I meet or online follower that I have always been a runner, since it’s pretty clear that I’m quite avid at this point.  The truth is, I have only been running for a little over four years!  And that in itself is quite a feat for someone who had proclaimed for most of her life that she couldn’t run.  Naturally, the next question I get asked is:

How did you start running?

Ah yes, the million dollar question.  Because who would start this ridiculous habit on purpose?!?  Funny thing about it – my husband is actually the one who started this whole running thing – though of course, he would likely deny it these days!  But we started running together, as a new way to stay fit and get in some exercise together.  And we started from absolute scratch.

I started by running one minute at a time.

Only one minute.  And the rest is history.  I can now run for over 250 minutes straight.  Quite the improvement in four short years!  You might be wondering what my actual plan was, and how I got from one minute of running, to 30, and so on.  Well, I’d like to share a basic, beginner running plan for starting from scratch and getting to 30 minutes of running in 10 weeks!

Start from Scratch Running Plan | Lagniappe Fitness

A couple of keys to remember when starting out on your running journey:

  1. Get fitted for proper running shoes.  Visit your local specialty running store, NOT a big box retailer, to get evaluated and fitted with the right shoes for your feet.
  2. Get some technical clothing.  You don’t have to start with much, but get a winter outfit, a summer outfit, and socks.  You won’t be sorry!  Technical, wicking, light shorts and tee or tank for summer.  Technical, wicking, insulated tights, long sleeve, and vest and/or jacket for winter.  Sunglasses are a must for all times of year.  (Check out a few more winter gear recommendations here.)
  3. If you have to miss one of your workouts, make sure you start back with that workout.  Don’t just skip to the next one.  Get in three of each before moving on to the next week’s progression.  This is important in building your base fitness!
  4. Don’t do too much too soon.  Just follow the plan, week by week.  Maybe you’ll feel like the first week was too easy, but resist the urge to skip to the next week too soon.  The plan is built to gradually increase your load so your body gets used to more running safely.  You can even repeat a week if you don’t feel ready to move on.
  5. Finally, have fun!  Take your time, and enjoy the challenge with each new week!

There you have it!  It worked for me, and it can work for you too!  Share your running journey with me!  What 5k race will you celebrate with?