Sweat Date: 4/16 + an Upper Body Warm-Up

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Sweat Date | Lagniappe Fitness

Hey there!  Well, I am so glad we’re closing in on the end of this week.  It has been absolutely crazy, and I am in dire need of a workout.  Let’s get to it.  I think we’re in for a quickie metabolic workout today (I don’t have a ton of time, but always enough to move somehow!), so let’s hit the gym.

If we were getting together in real life, I would first tell you how incredibly excited I am for my upcoming vacation!  I have so much good stuff going on, this week has been nuts preparing and whatnot.  (It’s all good, and hopefully I will be able to share more soon!)  Anyway, I’d tell you in no uncertain terms that it is time for some R&R.  Plus, this girl needs a tan!

I would definitely mention our super awesome celebration of 100 weeks of Happy’s Running Club!  It was such a blast on Tuesday, and it just makes me even more excited for the next 100 weeks!

Happy's 100

I would also tell you about my massage yesterday.  And I would definitely recommend my therapist over at Massage Envy Maplewood, Verniece.  That woman is a freaking miracle worker.  Incredible how one little lady has so much power in her fingers.  Well, and elbows…but you get the point.  She just digs in for an hour, and when I walk out, I feel like I have all new muscles.  Awesome.  If you’re not already making massage a part of your self-care, start doing it.  Like, now.

And finally, I would definitely harp (again) on our warm-ups.  I’ve shared my dynamic and glute warm-ups the past couple of weeks, so this week it’s only appropriate to get into the upper body.  This is a simple one that just takes a few minutes, but makes such a huge difference.  Check it out, and add it in!

Alright, that’s all for today!  It was great catching up, if only for a few.  I’ll have plenty more to share in our Sweat Dates in the next couple of weeks, so I’m looking forward to next time!  See you soon :)