Sweat Date: 4/9 + Glute Activation Warm-Up

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Heeeeyyyy!  It has been a crazy little week for me, how about you?  I’m pretty much dying for a workout, so let’s hop right into this week’s Sweat Date.

If we met up at the gym, I’d share with you what I’ve been doing for the last two days that has kept me totally out of pocket.  I had the very cool opportunity to model for a photography conference here in St. Louis.  Something out of my comfort zone that I have never done before, but turned out to be so interesting and so much fun.  Lucky for me, I get to keep the images taken by all of the amazing photographers I modeled for, so I’ll show you some more cool stuff soon.  Here are a few samples.

kourtney shutterfest canon

Image courtesy of Tyler Stableford at Stableford Studios


kourtney shutterfest red

Unedited iPhone image, courtesy MRBiehl Photography.


I also helped out an amazing friend and client of mine with a teaching shoot.  I’m not going to share those images here, but make sure to check out XOXO Alice.  Her work absolutely supports mine, and our missions are very similar: embrace and empower body love.

I would definitely gush today about our five year anniversary!  I am so grateful every day for the most wonderful husband in all the world!  He is just beyond words.  I cannot wait to celebrate this day, and every day together, on our upcoming cruise.  So here’s a little throwback to The Big Day.

wedding light

Image courtesy of Arte de Vie.


The light of my life right there!

And back to the usual here, I would start off by taking you through a glute activation warm-up.  Like we talked about last week, getting your body primed for movement is important for getting the most out of each workout.  Since the glutes are a large muscle group that sometimes can be inactive after inactive days, they are even more important to activate.  Here is a quick video to take you through just a few exercises to add to your warm-up every leg day.

And with that, we’re done for today!  Thanks for joining me for a Sweat Date, and I’ll see you next week!