Funny Story: “The Vomit Workout”

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I put a lot of thought into the workouts and programs that I write for my clients.  I take into consideration their goals, their activity history, any injury or medical history, and also their schedule, attitude, and a few other factors.  When one of my clients asked me last fall to provide her with a few workouts she could do in 15 minutes or less, I smiled a little bit to myself.

This is the fun part of my job.

Fast forward about three months, and we’re training in-person again.  Our first session back, she told me how great the workouts I gave her were, and how much she and her husband enjoyed doing them together a few nights a week after the kids went to bed.  Then she told me:

We even called one “The Vomit!”

And she says this with a smile and a laugh, no less!  And that gave me a huge smile and a laugh.  She went on to clarify that she meant it in a good way, it was a great workout, and they always felt awesome afterward.

And that’s the affect that I’m going for with each of my clients.  A little bit of “I HATE KOURTNEY!” mixed with “Holy crap, I LOVE KOURTNEY!”

With that, here’s “The Vomit.”  (Video and picture demos follow.)

20/14/8             Lunge (each leg)
30 seconds        Lunge jump
30 seconds        Plank
20/14/8             Mountain climber (each leg)
20/14/8             Bridge
30 seconds        Squat jump
30 seconds        Side plank (each side)

Repeat circuit 3 times. 20 reps of each exercise the first round, 14 second round, 8 last round. 30 seconds exercises stay constant each round. Take as minimal rest as possible.


Lunge Jump


lagniappe plank

Mountain Climber


Squat Jump

Side Plank

lagniappe side plank