TriFlare Kickstarter + A Giveaway

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Happy Tuesday, friends.  Let me preface this blog post briefly by saying I understand some people won’t find it appropriate given last night’s events.  Trust when I say, those events are weighing heavily on my mind, as they happened quite literally a quarter-mile from my home.  But I believe in the present and the future, and in order to create better ones for ourselves, we have to integrate the movement into real life.  I believe that one way that happens comes in the form of lifting up our local businesses, from South Grand, to TriFlare, to Lagniappe Fitness.  There is good in St. Louis (and everywhere!), and these are the pieces of it.  

TriFlare|RUN Popping in with an update on one of my favorite companies, TriFlare.  You’ve read about TriFlare previously on the blog, and you know that I’m a member of the TriFlare Tribe.  Well, there’s news among the Tribe, and it’s time to share it with y’all!

As you know, TriFlare was started as a triathlon sportswear line for women.  Wanting to build on that success, the company is branching into a RUN line, which only makes sense.  I’m pumped.  Like, really pumped! While this is already on my radar because I love TriFlare, a lot of ladies out there have no idea this apparel even exists.  They are stuck in the sea of black, gray, and the occasional pink.  Boring old cotton race tee shirts…yuck.  No more, I say! 

But to get the world on board with TriFlare|RUN, we need to help give them a little boost.  TriFlare has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to get the RUN line out of design and into production.  I have pledged, and if you are at all interested in this awesome gear, I ask you to do the same.  And did I mention that the rewards make a great gift?  Ho ho ho, ACTION SKIRT!

Check out the TriFlare Kickstarter campaign here.

triflare run skirt

And to celebrate the RUN line, I’m giving away a pair of TriFlare|RUN shorts!  I quite obviously cannot say enough good things about them, so why not share the love?  The shorts are a Size Medium, and you can see a few detailed pictures of them below.

triflare shorts front triflare shorts back yellow paisley triflare pattern Enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter below, and for an extra entry, subscribe to my A Lagniappe Life Newsletter here and leave a comment that you did!
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Best of luck to you, and thanks for supporting TriFlare!

As a member of the TriFlare Tribe, I received these items at no cost.  However, the thoughts and opinions expressed about the brand are entirely my own.  

  • Annmarie

    I don’t usually go for bright clothes but I love these shorts and this line looks awesome! Love it!

    • Kourtney Thomas

      I was the same way until I started wearing TriFlare! Everything is just so pretty and fun :)

  • Erin

    The line looks great! I hate wearing basic black pants!! Girly skirts and fun shorts make things more fun!

    • Kourtney Thomas

      Totally agree, Erin!

  • Melissa

    Super cute!! I bet they make you super fast!!! 😉

    • Kourtney Thomas

      Um, definitely! :)