Triflare: What We Wear Should Make Us Want to Conquer the World

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In the past few years, there has been an explosion of fitness everywhere, and with that has come an explosion in fitness clothing brands as well.  lululemon busted onto the scene and pretty much changed the world of workout wear forever.  Gone were the old cotton sweats and raggedy t-shirts covered in paint.  Here to stay were the perfectly fitted yoga pants and brightly colored tops.  And following in those footsteps, many other brands have emerged with great product for both men and women, functional and fashionable, comfortable and cute.

I am no stranger to any of these brands, and I have several drawers (and possibly Tupperware tubs in the basement) full of workout clothes.  I like to look good and feel confident when I hit the gym or the road, and quality fitness gear helps me do that.

So sue me.

I’m pretty much always up for trying something new, and keep my eyes out for fun and unique stuff.  I was a bit surprised to find my new love affair in the St. Louis Business Journal (not exactly a hotbed for fitness trends) last year, and again earlier this year.  But it did pique my interest, and I began to follow Triflare.  Coincidentally, I had the opportunity to meet the mastermind behind the brand in April.  It made for an awesome connection, and I’m happy to say that I’m now a proud member of the Triflare Tribe!

But let me back up just a bit and tell you a little about Triflare.

triflareTriflare was created in 2012 by Andrea Robertson, triathlete extraordinaire, gorgeous former Mrs. America, and woman who refused to be outfitted in basic black.  The brand was created with women athletes of all levels in mind, and designs are crafted to represent both femininity and power.  The pieces are high quality, flattering, and resilient on top of being incredibly unique.  And trust me, they are even more gorgeous in person than they are in pictures!

Triflare specializes in clothing for the triathlete of course, but is also branching out into SWIM, BIKE, and RUN this year.  Let me tell you, I could not be more excited!  I love my running gear, but I find it hard to pull myself away from black or gray shorts.  Boring.  I can’t wait to get my hands on TriflareRUN gear to spice it up!  In the meantime, I can say without a doubt that the TriflareTRI gear is fantastic.  The Tri Top is comfortable, fits well, and it’s just so bright and pretty!  And I’m rather addicted to running in my Apres dresses.  Whether they’re meant for that or not, who cares?!

Triflare Apres Arabesque

Triflare Apres Arabesque Back

Big Sur expo entrance

Triflare Tri Top

Triflare has grown quickly, and currently sponsors Elite Pro Triathletes Alicia Kaye, Jillian Petersen, and Morgan Chaffin, as well as the USA Synchronized Swimming Team.  Sweet, right?!  That’s going to make the 2016 Olympics even more exciting to watch for sure.

Triflare suit

The USA Synchro suit. Gorgeous.

With all the growth, Triflare has also recently launched its Tribe Program to spread the word further throughout the channels of the fitness world.  Because why should only a few triathletes get to have all the fun?!  Check out the details and application for the Triflare Tribe Program on the website here.

For me, it’s not just about clothing, it’s an opportunity to to be a part of a brand that aligns with a lot of things I feel strongly about – strong women, entrepreneurship, uniqueness, and hard work.  On top of that, it’s local!  I’m picky about what I choose to wear, use, and endorse, but this is a no-brainer.  To steal the words right from them:

“What we wear should make us want to conquer the world.”

Indeed, Triflare does just that.

How do you feel about what you wear to work out or race?  Have you worn Triflare?  What pieces would you add to your closet?