What is Lagniappe?

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Hi!  Welcome to the Lagniappe Blog!  Welcome to my site!  Welcome to my little world of fitness!  (Yes, I really am that happy most of the time!)

So I wanted to take a quick minute or two to explain this Lagniappe business.  How do you even say that?  And what does it mean?!?  Well…

Lagniappe: (ˈlan-ˌyap)

Not so tough once you’ve said it once or twice aloud.  Those dang pesky French words and their complicated spellings!

As far as the meaning of the word, well, Lagniappe can mean something different to everyone.  But in general, it’s a Southern phrase, a Louisiana French word for throwing in a little extra.

And why did I choose to name my business Lagniappe Fitness?  I thought it was a fitting way to describe what you can get from a fitness routine.  It’s just a little bit of time out of your day – maybe 1 hour out of all 24 – but it very well could be the hour that makes your day!  The endorphins that make you happy, that good burn you feel after a really good set of weights, the runners’ high, or maybe the way your man looks at you after you get home from the gym, or how your lady tells you your sweaty self stinks, but she sniffs you anyway.  Just a little extra.

And why such a distinctly Cajun word so far outside of Cajun Country?  Quite simply, I left my heart down in South Louisiana, and I wanted to share a little piece of my love up here in St. Louis.  You see, I may have grown up in the far northern tundra of Wisconsin, but the day I set foot in Baton Rouge, LA, I knew I was home.  I instantly knew this was where I should have been all along!  The culture, the people, the history, all of it just felt right, and it turns out that South Louisiana was the Lagniappe I had been missing.  I still feel connected to that part of the world, and thought it fitting to extend a bit of it into my business.

Lagniappe is something special and unexpected.  I hope to be a part of your Lagniappe someday soon!  Get in touch, and let’s talk about how we can add a little “and then some” into your life!